Body Image Series

Humans are naturally critical beings, and normally our hardest critic is ourselves. These are the blogs that deal with different aspects of body image, from first recognizing the problems I’ve dealt with my own body image to things I have done so far to improve the way I see myself.

Part One: The Beginning

“The first signs of me being unhappy with the way I looked started in early middle school. I was never told anything mean, but comments were made that I was incredibly skinny. Some of my friends would joke and say I needed to eat more despite me already being comfortable with how much I was eating. I took their comments as complements but I was confused. I was young but I wasn’t stupid. Wasn’t so much media dedicated to weight loss and everyone’s desire to be skinny? I started to think that I was the wrong kind of thin, that I was somehow made wrong. These thoughts never bothered me too often, but they did cross my mind every now and then and increasingly bothered me as I got older. I knew that others had to be feeling the same way I did, but I rarely heard hushed voices in the locker rooms after gym class saying things like, ‘I need to lose five pounds before prom.’ or ‘I’m going to skip lunch and dinner today. I’m looking fat.'”

Part Two: Getting Down to Business

“My first post detailed the issues I’ve faced in the past few years regarding my body image, and this week I wanted to focus on what I’ve done so far to improve how I perceive my appearance and general ways I’ve tried to be healthier. I had been tired about feeling terrible about how I looked, so I decided to do what I could. There are some things I have no control over, like my height, but I can always change my weight and certainly the way I perceive myself.”

Part Three: Healthy Habits that Work

“In my first body image post I talked about the issues I’ve faced with my body image, and in my second post I detailed my interest in karate as a form of exercise. For this post, here is my list of five easy tips and tricks that I personally use everyday at school to not only help maintain my weight, but make me feel wonderful in the process.”


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