You Gotta Have Passion

College students are notoriously known for their continuous concern about the future: choosing the ‘right’ major, getting internships, studying for the GRE, volunteering, and, ultimately, looking marketable for whatever path they choose to take after graduation. The inspiration for this post came from staff at in which students are trained to be lifelong learners who return to essential skills time and again with free Microsoft training. Some students enter directly into the workforce while some look to go to graduate school. No matter the case, college students almost always have the future on their minds and I am certainly no exception!

There are all sorts of self-help books that are geared toward people my age, everything from books that help you get the best test scores and get into the right college all the way to what majors and careers to go for.  While these books are wonderful resources, simply having them will not help much. If you absolutely hate the subject you are studying, finding any motivation to try and study will be incredibly difficult. Being able to find what you are passionate about will help more than any book ever will.

With passion anything can become possible. If you want to do something badly enough, finding a way to accomplish it will be but a minor bump in the road.  The saying, “If there is a will, there is a way,” rings true especially when someone is passionate, as passionate people are dangerous beings. Passionate people will find a way to do what they want, no matter the cost or the difficulty.

Finding something that makes you react like this is the key to success.

Finding something that makes you react like this is the key to success.

Although there are many admirable qualities that can help lead people to success, my personal experience has shown that passion is the most marketable skill. In a previous post I wrote, I talked about my new found interest in psychology and my ultimate decision to major in it along with English. It never made sense to me until last year to major in such a field. I had always been interested in different areas of psychological research, including personality, intelligence, language learning, and others. I found myself researching and thinking about these things in my spare time.  In other words, I was passionate about it. Fortunately, I still am passionate and I am able to focus a large amount of my education to learn about it even more. Regarding my future, the idea of going to graduate school for research psychology is the road I wish to take. English will always be a passion of mine, but psychology is as much of a passion, if not even more so, as English is. I’ve been told a multitude of times to get paid to do something I would do for free.

As I research future graduate schools for psychology, I have this reaction with every school I look at!

As I research future graduate schools for psychology, I have this reaction with every school I look at!

With passion you get many other admirable qualities. To have passion means to also have motivation to do whatever is necessary to pursue that passion. You get the tenacity to continue to pursue that passion despite any obstacles. With passion also comes a certain kind of stubbornness that allows you to ignore the naysayers and those who lack faith either in your abilities or the possibilities that lay ahead of you.

Finding your passion can be a complicated process. You may be one of those people who decided you were going to be a doctor at four years old and will relentlessly pursue that goal until graduating medical school. A lot of people, however, are more like myself. We may find a road we would like to take one year and within the next year or so we realize we want to turn around and start on a new path. I had always been a little wary about declaring what I want to do after I complete my undergraduate coursework at LMU, but I am now confident in my future and the decisions I’ve made. It never occurred to me before that I could ever enjoy what I study and look forward to studying it even more so much like I do now. I love reading about psychology, and I have even tried to make myself stop reading ahead in my textbooks so that I can get work done for my other classes! It makes so much sense to me now that I am almost embarrassed that I did not realize before that I could and should make it my goal to pursue it further. The future is still uncertain to me right now, but after finding my passions, I can be certain that my future will be bright.

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