Like Mother Like Daughter

Many people do not realize when I first started seriously considering which college I would attend sometime in middle school, LMU was near the absolute bottom of the list. It wasn’t because there was anything inherently wrong with LMU– I didn’t want to go because that’s where so many people around me figured I would go! They thought this because my mother had recently gone back to school to receive her Ed.S., or Educational Specialist degree, through LMU and I suppose they thought that would make me have a preference for the university. Now that I look back on it, it makes sense why so many people assumed LMU would be one of my top choices, but back then it definitely didn’t make any sense. Every conversation about college eventually brought up my mother’s decision to further her education and the more times people asked if I wanted to go where she chose to go, the more irritated I became.


While my mother attending LMU had a large and incredibly beneficial impact on where I would eventually go to pursue my own education, at first I wanted to do anything other than follow my mother’s footsteps to college.

I have never been one to want to do what people expected I would do.  Making decisions on my own and “going against the flow” always came more natural to me than practically anything else in my life. Even in early middle school I looked forward to being able to make huge decisions in the coming years regarding college and my future.  My mom started her education at LMU in 2007,  when I was in 7th grade. She had talked about going back to school for so long and now that she was going back, I was so proud! My mom taught at my middle school and word quickly spread that she had gone back to school. Whenever the topic of college would come up, my mother would also inevitably be brought up. I was asked so many times if I wanted to go to LMU like my mom. I wanted to respond that I could make my own decisions, that my mom and I are not the same person, that I don’t want to be continuously associated with my mom in every single thing I do. I never said any of these, though, but said that I would consider attending LMU, and that I had many other schools in my sights. In reality, I was kind of weird back in middle school and despite having an awesome mom, I was still struggling to become my own person and form my own identity.
My mom graduated with her Ed. S. a few days before my birthday about a year later that December. Within that year so

My mom the day she graduated with her Ed.S. This picture was taken right behind Tex Turner arena!

My mom the day she graduated with her Ed.S. This picture was taken right behind Tex Turner arena!

much had changed about my attitude regarding my mom and what I wanted to do with my life after high school. I wasn’t completely sold on LMU like I would be a few years later, but I didn’t hate the idea of going there. It wasn’t until my mother decided to go back to LMU to receive her Ed.D. (a doctorate in education) that I fell in love with the school I would eventually choose to attend.

My mom is currently working on her doctorate in Executive Leadership; her starting this particular degree was the catalyst that helped me make the decision to go to LMU as undergrad. As a student in the doctoral program, my mom was required to spend two weeks full time on campus to take classes. My father and I helped her move into Lafrentz-Poole, one of the dorm buildings on campus (and where I will be staying myself next year!). After moving her in, we went to visit her on the weekends, driving up to Harrogate to go see her. I wouldn’t know it yet, but all the trips we took up to campus made me have a hard time doing anything else when it was my turn to go to college. By having my mom go before me I could “feel out” LMU before I even applied. She showed me where all of her classes were held and showed me around the close Kentucky town of Middlesboro. With as many times as I made the drive up to campus, each time felt a little shorter and the scenery always made me want to go back as soon as possible.

Another awesome benefit of having my mother go to LMU is that I receive the Legacy Scholarship, which is given to students who have immediate family members who attended LMU.  For more information about the Legacy Scholarship or other scholarships and LMU offers, take a look at LMU’s financial aid webpage.

I have my mom to thank for so much. I’m glad she has celebrated my good times and managed to deal with me during my bad times, especially the times every now and then when I wanted to be associated with anyone but her. I wasn’t always the best child, but she was and still is always a wonderful mother.

My mom always kept her cool even when I didn't.

My mom always kept her cool even when I didn’t.


I cannot wait to attend her graduation once she receives her doctorate and I know she cannot wait to attend my graduation once I receive my bachelor’s degree. There is even a small chance that we may even graduate together! There is still a lot of work left for the both of us before that may happen, but I know we’re ready.

Yeah, my mom is pretty cool.

Yeah, my mom is pretty cool.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to email me or leave a comment on my blog!


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