Honors Preview Day

On February 15th LMU welcomed twenty prospective students and their families to partake in the interview process to gain admission to the Honors Program. This was the second annual Honors Day in which prospective LMU students who qualified interview in hope for admission to the Honors Program. I was part of the first group to participate in Honors Day, so this was the first time I was on the other side of the interview process. It was such a big day for me!

Walking to class sometimes feels like I'm doing this!

Walking to class sometimes feels like I’m doing this!

Check-in began at the Hamilton Math and Science Building at 10:30 a.m., and those of us already in the program who were helping had to be there thirty minutes prior. Merry, my suite-mate who is in the Honors Program with me, and I volunteered to help out together and we were both excited to meet the incoming freshmen! Because of the massive amount of snow that accumulated here in Harrogate that week, and the distance between Mitchell Hall, my dorm, and the Hamilton building, it was necessary for us to leave a little early in order to walk there in time. There’s one perk to living in the mountains in the winter: you quickly learn how to walk on snow and even ice without falling (or without people seeing you!) or slipping too much! Walking to class when it’s snowy and icy surely adds a sense of adventure to my day!

Once all of the students and families were signed in, the day’s events began. Dr. Hilberg, the director of the Honors program, spoke about the program and informed everyone about the rest of the day’s schedule. Those of us who volunteered that day were going to participate in a panel discussion in which the parents and students could ask us questions and see what the program had been like for us so far. Aside from being able to meet the prospective students and help answer their questions, the day had another benefit for me. Parents of students already in the program were able to come and speak about their experiences having their children in the program. My parents were able to come up and be part of the panel with me! I don’t get to see them very often, so this was the perfect opportunity to do so.

While the students were waiting for their two interviews, some of us sat with them and answered their questions. I stayed in Dishner 104 where Dr. Hilberg’s office is located while the students waited for their individual interview with him. It was nice to be able to offer them advice from my own experiences and to help calm their nerves. When I interviewed I was the first one to interview with Dr. Hilberg and I was terrified! I wondered if I was going to be “interesting” enough. I had this terrible fear that I would forget my name as soon as I stepped into his office! At the end of my interview day, this interview was the part that sold me to LMU and the Honors program. The moment I left Dr. Hilberg’s office I knew that LMU was where I belonged and, if I were to be accepted into it, the Honors program would be a perfect addition to my experience there.  (I talk about my journey entering the Honors Program in a blog post here!). Everyone else helping out had had a similar experience with the interviewing process and being able to talk about our experiences seemed to help those who were just as nervous as we were a year ago.

I normally hate speaking publicly, but I was excited to share my experience with these students and families and show them how beneficial being at LMU and participating in the Honors Program has been for me. Talking with the prospective students and beginning sentences with, “When I interviewed last year…” or “When I first entered the program in August…” was weird for me but was also such a wonderful feeling. I can’t believe that I will be a sophomore in just a few months! Talking with the students and families who came made me realize just how much I love LMU and the Honors Program. I’ve already met a few students that I would love to get to know better once they come here in the fall if they decide that LMU is the right school for them!

As usual, if you have any comments or questions feel free to email me or leave a comment on my blog!


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