What’s the Rush?

The day that I was first formally introduced to blogging was the day that I ventured down to Kresge Hall, where University Advancement is housed, in which alumni services, publications and public relations are located. I was here to be trained on how to be a blogger. I knew that I would not be alone in this adventure, however. I had been told that another blogger trainee would be joining me, which I had then thought nothing of. Even at the end of training, I did not know too much about her, except for the fact that she was incredibly friendly, a business major, and a member of the Kappa Pi Omega sorority here on campus. What I did not know then was that my fellow trainee, Kim, would quickly become one of my closest friends and, without me realizing it, help me break out of the shell I am well known for.


Being a huge Latin nerd in high school I can’t help but find the Greek alphabet interesting!

Considering going Greek appealed to me, first and foremost, because it was something that I would normally not do. At first I went because it had been suggested to me by quite a few people. But the more I thought about it and talked to people who shared their experiences with me, the more I saw the appeal for myself. Going Greek at LMU is not just something to do for lack of anything else better to do or to put on a resume- it’s something that students do to better themselves on a variety of levels. It pushes you to become better than you had been before. Especially for me, doing something this extreme (Yes, this was extreme for me!) showed me that once I dove headfirst into something, no matter how new or anxiety-provoking it is, it isn’t so bad after all.

Kim told me for days that I should go and try Open Rush for the Kappas if only to go and meet new people. I decided that it couldn’t possibly hurt and that getting to know new people is always a bonus. The Kappa Open Rush was to be in the house that Dr. Dawson, LMU’s president, resides in and I had always wondered what the inside looked like. Plus, each Open Rush typically has an abundance of food that is open to anyone who comes. One thing I’ve learned since starting college is that you never turn down free food! This seemed like a perfect opportunity for a variety of reasons, so I agreed to join them.

After I bundled up to the point of looking ridiculous, I was picked up by Kim and another Kappa by my dorm, and made my way to the president’s house. Before I even made it past the front door, I already was greeted by two active Kappas, one of whom I had already been friends with for quite some time. Even the Kappas I didn’t know were incredibly friendly. I soon felt like I had known these people for a lot longer than a few minutes by the

The lamp of Hestia is one of the symbols of Kappa Pi Omega.

The lamp of Hestia is one of the symbols of Kappa Pi Omega.

time we all got settled down. Also in attendance were the members of Gamma Lamba Sigma, the brother fraternity to the Kappas. What surprised me were how many fellow English majors were there! That was a bonus I was not expecting.

In the day or so after Open Rush, those who attended may receive an invitation to go to Closed Rush. This sounds about the same as Open Rush, but there are some differences. The main and most obvious one is that only those who are invited may attend, hence it being Closed. This is essentially where you show your interest in the sorority or fraternity that captured your attention the most. By attending Closed Rush, you are not bound by any means to go through with the pledging process, but you are only allowed to attend one Closed Rush. It’s best to think about which organization best fits your personality and personal goals before you make a decision. It’s a way for the active members to formally welcome you to the opportunity to pledge.  I attended Closed Rush and now the decision stands as to whether or not I will continue with the six-week pledging process.

Either way I go, I do not regret whatsoever scoping out Greek Life! I got to catch up with friends I had not been able to see much since last semester and I got to meet some pretty awesome new ones I can’t wait to get to know better. Even if I do not choose to partake in Greek Life, I am still unbelievably excited that I opened up so quickly and easily to people I didn’t quite know. That was such a first for me! Sisterhood, even if I don’t go through with pledging this semester, will be much different than a regular friendship because I will be part of a tradition. I don’t know why it is, but being a part of something bigger than myself seems a little daunting, but still very awesome. I did not originally see Greek Life as something I would ever even consider, but I suppose that college is the best time to try new things. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new home where you may not have even looked before.

As usual, if you have any comments or questions, feel free to email me or leave a comment on my blog!


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