What’s the Rush?

The day that I was first formally introduced to blogging was the day that I ventured down to Kresge Hall, where University Advancement is housed, in which alumni services, publications and public relations are located. I was here to be trained on how to be a blogger. I knew that I would not be alone in this adventure, however. I had been told that another blogger trainee would be joining me, which I had then thought nothing of. Even at the end of training, I did not know too much about her, except for the fact that she was incredibly friendly, a business major, and a member of the Kappa Pi Omega sorority here on campus. What I did not know then was that my fellow trainee, Kim, would quickly become one of my closest friends and, without me realizing it, help me break out of the shell I am well known for.

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Some People Are Worth Melting For

This past week, a group of us went to the Middlesboro Mall to go watch the new Disney film Frozen since I, always being oblivious to new movie releases, had yet to see it. I had heard wonderful reviews about it, so I was curious to see what the hype was about.

Olaf the Snowman

Olaf the Snowman

Plus, getting away from homework and studying for a few hours seemed like a pretty good plan to me!

After the movie was over, I had no regrets seeing it. In fact, I’d love to go see it again!

[Warning: Potential small Frozen plot spoilers]

My favorite character was definitely Olaf, the snowman that Elsa, one of the main characters in the film, created in her childhood. He comes to life during the course of the film and helps Anna, Elsa’s younger sister, find Elsa to offset the eternal winter she  created in the midst of an argument. Olaf creates a lot of humor that viewers can’t help but find funny. Despite lacking a real one, Olaf has one of the biggest hearts of any Disney character I’ve seen. At some point near the end of the movie when he is in the middle of helping Anna, Olaf stands too close to a fire and begins to melt. He is so focused on helping Anna that he did not realize what was happening. After Anna points out he is melting, Olaf responds with, “Some people are worth melting for.”

At first, I thought his statement was a little cliche, but the more I thought about that little snowman, I began to realize how right he was. The friends I’ve met on this campus, some of whom were with me in the theater when I first heard Olaf speak those wise words, have proven to me that there really are people worth melting for.

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Welcome Home

It’s funny how fast time flies. I have officially made it through my first semester at LMU! I’m not one to easily get sentimental, but I clearly remember the weeks prior to moving in and how unbelievably excited I was. As the weeks of summer slowly fell away and  the cooler weather of August came into view, I wondered what this new stage of my life would have in store for me. The day before move-in day, I kept myself busy by finishing up my packing and then double (and triple…and quadruple…) checking that I had everything in order. I couldn’t sleep that night! By the time I had finally drifted off it was time to get up and make the hour-long trek to campus. My parents, grandmother, and I piled into two separate cars and made our way to Harrogate. I couldn’t believe that the day was finally here! I was tired and contemplated trying to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t bring myself to do that. At one point during the trip, right around the time when the campus came into view, Phillip Phillips’ popular song “Home” came on the radio.
I believe that coincidences are a part of life and most of the time they do not mean that much. However, I couldn’t help but take something from this one.

This was going to be my new home.

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