Choosing a Major

EMAIt’s the dreaded milestone everyone who enters college must face: choosing a major. For me, it wasn’t the idea of having to choose that was difficult. Rather, I wanted to do everything! When family and friends would ask me what I planned to do once I started at LMU, I would usually respond with something along the lines of, “I want to study math! And philosophy… and criminal justice… and medicine… Probably chemistry, too! Can’t I just major in everything?” Knowing that would inevitably end up with me being in a mountain of debt and graduating at forty years old, I knew I would have to narrow my choices. In the end, I had to go where my first passion, reading, took me: English.

Ever since I was in the womb I was constantly being exposed to reading. My parents would read to me and, according to my mother, I would kick so much that they would have to take a break for me to calm down! Once I was actually born, the reading never stopped. I doubt it ever will! Through reading I can learn about all the things I had originally wanted to: math, philosophy, law, medicine, chemistry, and hundreds of other topics. I can learn about the ancient Romans like a history major one minute and learn about major advances in modern medicine like a pre-medicine major another. Being an English major would allow me to see through the eyes of all the people I wanted to be and live dozens of lives in my one lifetime.

It may be a bit shocking to know that English used to be a far cry from what I used to want to do in life. I actually hated English up until mid high school! I wanted to be something along the lines of a biomedical engineer or neurologist. That quickly changed once my sophomore year came around and I had the opportunity to take Honors English with Mrs. Jennifer Williams. She was the one who inspired me to consider English and was always there to answer my questions about the subject. She made a subject that could be taught very dryly and tried in every way possible to make it interesting to us. One project we did in particular dealt with Roman mythology. We were each randomly assigned a Roman god or goddess and we had to research that one person. At the end of the unit, we had a banquet where we dressed up like our assigned individual. I was luckily assigned Persephone, the goddess of the underworld, who is also my favorite.  We spent two weeks researching everything we could about our god or goddess for our presentation. I always hated public speaking, but I actually looked forward to my presentation! At the end of the project, I reflected on what it meant to me. I loved everything about the project: researching for credible sources, reading for useful information, writing a paper, and then presenting that information in a way that can be easily comprehended to an audience. If it had not been for that project, my prospects for my major would likely be much different. I would not be where I am today without Mrs. Williams! It’s amazing how one thing can change your whole outlook on the future.

By this time I had already been considering LMU as a college option. Since almost every university or college offers an English degree, I knew that my options were going to be vast. I knew about LMU because of my mom- she graduated from the graduate school here! After many tours, hours of research, and applying to each school I was interested in, I finally decided on Lincoln Memorial University. I am overjoyed that I did! Within the first week, I had met two fellow freshman English majors who have the same passion I have, and now they’re two of my best friends. As I look at where the past has brought me so far, I look to the future with eagerness and excitement. Although I am only just beginning my life here at LMU, I am looking forward to the journey ahead. I am proud to be an English major!

If you are considering studying English while at college, I urge you to consider LMU’s English department . We have a variety of classes available both online and on campus. Concentrations with the English program include Literature, Writing, and Pre-Law. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment on my blog!


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