Happy Halloween!


Halloween makes some people happier than Dracula at a blood drive!

I have never been one to celebrate Halloween. The most I have ever participated with the holiday has included watching horror movies into the night and having to sleep with the light on for longer than I care to admit. However, college is the perfect time for someone like me to change their ways. At LMU there are a variety of events in which students can celebrate the holiday, everything from horror movies showing at the Student Center to a haunted forest put on by the Gamma Lambda Sigma Fraternity. For those who wish to help others and don’t mind needles, there was even the option of donating blood¬†today.

With all of these events going on, even someone like me who has neglected to take part in this wonderful holiday suddenly has next-to-no choice in the matter. Once it was decided that the Honors Program was going to be putting on a Halloween party, I finally decided that it was time for me to become festive.

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Welcome to the LMU Honors Program


We played “ninja” our first day together this year. This was my first experience with the current and new students with the honors program and I quickly realized that this is where I belonged.

When I first started my college search, I knew I wanted a learning environment that fostered my love of and passion for learning. In high school, we had a wide variety of honors, Advanced Placement, and dual-enrollment courses at our disposal. Although the content provided more in-depth information to the students whose passions were in those areas. The problem of attending a small high school was that only a select number of AP and other advanced courses were available once a year. If your classes required for graduation (like physical education, art, wellness, etc.) had to take precedent over taking an AP course, then you either rearranged your schedule completely, which took a lot of time, effort, and pleading with the guidance counselors, or you had to wait until the next year to take it. Because the classes were offered just once a year, they were usually the biggest classes I had. I feel like a class of less than ten students is a perfect learning environment; I often become overwhelmed in a class of thirty or so students. When looking at college options, small classes were absolutely necessary, but I also wanted to take advanced courses to satisfy my love for learning. Almost every other college I considered either did not offer advanced classes, or those classes were just as big if not even bigger than my high school classes. I knew the college I was going to go to had to have the class size I wanted with the passion for learning that I did. Once I found out that LMU had an honors program, I knew I had to apply.

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Choosing a Major

EMAIt’s the dreaded milestone everyone who enters college must face: choosing a major. For me, it wasn’t the idea of having to choose that was difficult. Rather, I wanted to do everything! When family and friends would ask me what I planned to do once I started at LMU, I would usually respond with something along the lines of, “I want to study math! And philosophy… and criminal justice… and medicine… Probably chemistry, too! Can’t I just major in everything?” Knowing that would inevitably end up with me being in a mountain of debt and graduating at forty years old, I knew I would have to narrow my choices. In the end, I had to go where my first passion, reading, took me: English.

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