Chelsea At College: Major Changes

I have learned a lot since coming to LMU a year and a half ago. Some things I expected to learn and experience: meeting new friends, trying new things, and, of course, learning all sorts of new things from my classes. On the other hand, there are a lot of things I had not planned on learning and experiencing about myself. A lot of things have changed for the better since I left high school– things that I was so certain would always remain the same. These changes were not so sudden as they were gradual, although I sometimes think I woke up one morning and everything changed. Like I said, I never wanted these changes but I welcomed them regardless.

One change that I have thought over for months has been changing my major. As some of you may know, I have been a psychology and English double major for about the past year. My original thought was to do English for my career and psychology because I thought it was enjoyable. This thinking made so much sense to me at first– doing one for the prospect of a job and the other for fun. It never crossed my mind to become a therapist or anything else that was related to psychology in that kind of way, but I still liked my psychology classes. About four years ago, I considered myself to be the person who knew exactly what she was going to do with her life: I was good at English and I liked reading, so it only made sense for me to do just that in college. Just because I had a newly found love for psychology didn’t mean I could ever adapt my goals in life, right?

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Auditioning 101

Last semester I wrote about how much I enjoyed my experience with being a part of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This semester, LMU is putting on a production of You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown and, although it is a musical and I do not have musical talent, I have somehow found myself in the middle of it! My intention was to work entirely backstage as an assistant stage manager or help with sound or lighting, but when I ended up being cast in the ensemble. It is a very small part and I am always in a group, but I get to be part of another show! I loved my first experience with being on stage and I am hopeful this experience will be just as wonderful.

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Grad School Part 2: Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want

In a previous post I talked about how I was beginning to consider my future after I graduate from LMU. I talked about how I would love to apply my love for psychology and science by going to graduate school for cognitive psychology. While over winter break, I decided that pursuing my PhD was going to be the ultimate goal even if it was going to be very challenging to do so. In order to give myself the best chance to get into a program of my choice, I knew I would need to start considering schools now. I needed to have a vague idea as to what kind of school I’d want to attend, where in the country I’d like to live in, and other general aspects I would need to take into consideration. I made a list of non-negotiable and negotiable aspects of potential grad schools. If they do not meet the non-negotiable terms, then I no longer considered them. If I really loved a school and there was something relatively small that I could live without, then I would still consider the school. My list has grown, shrunk, and multiplied many times between now and a month ago!

This is how I feel when I find a school I would love to attend!

This is how I feel when I find a school I would love to attend!

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5 for 20

Some of my readers may know that my birthday was on Tuesday, December 16th, and I am no longer a teenager! It still hasn’t really hit me that I made it through my seemingly-endless teenage years and I am now, according to some, turning into “a real adult.” I know that adulthood legally happens when you turn 18 years old, but I certainly still would not call myself an adult. I don’t know what taxes are, I still live with my parents, I am mortified of driving, and I have no plans for the future that are absolutely set in stone. It is so strange to look on Facebook and other social media and see old high school friends and acquaintances getting engaged or married and having children.

My birthday has not seemed like a big deal in quite some time- it’s just another day in which I just happen to turn a year older. Honestly, I feel like my parents should be the ones who are celebrated on December 16th of each year! I know that I still have so many years ahead of me, but I cannot help but to think about all that I have learned in just the past twenty years. Here is a list of the five most important lessons I have learned thus far. Continue reading

Blue Ridge Undergraduate Research Conference: Round 2

I have decided that I am the kind of person who always needs to be working on something big. That ‘something’ needs to keep me busy, but also needs to be something I want to dedicate many hours of my life to. This has been a recent discovery of mine, but it does make sense with what I have experienced in the past. Usually, I’ve always been happiest when I’ve been working towards a large goal, whether that be a science fair project, a huge presentation for an English class, or a quiz bowl competition. So far, I’ve had two big “somethings” in college that have provided me with the opportunity to pursue a large goal of mine. Last year, it was my first time ever doing research and presenting it at the Blue Ridge Undergraduate Research Conference (BRURC) which I wrote about in a previous post. This year, thus far, I participated in LMU’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which I described in my last post. Continue reading

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: It’s Showtime!

This is a huge week for a handful of students and even a few staff members at LMU! After weeks of set building, costume fittings, and scene rehearsals, midsummerwe are finally¬† in the middle of performing Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream! A few of us are particularly excited as it is our first time ever appearing on stage. Fellow blogger Alex and I decided to audition together back in September for the chance to be in a production and we both ended up getting parts. We both got more than one part each- we are responsible for learning the lines, blocking (the movement parts of acting), and different personalities for three characters each. I have three very different characters, so for my first time acting I have found it a little difficult. However, I love each of my characters and enjoy being able to switch back and forth from each of them depending on the scene. In one length of the play, I get to be a mechanical who is part of an acting troupe, a fairy, and a love interest! I’ve never acted, and let alone acted Shakespeare, so this is definitely a new experience for me. In a previous post, I described how I told myself I was going to try and do one thing every semester that scared me. This wasn’t because I necessarily wanted to be scared, but I wanted to expand my horizons and do things I never would do otherwise. In high school, I always wanted to be part of a play or musical but never had the time and, quite frankly, never even got the guts to go try out. I’ve enjoyed what Shakespeare I’ve read, and so many of my friends were trying out for the play. I needed to find a way to get out of my comfort zone anyway, so I had little excuse to not try out. Thankfully, the Bard has given me just the right way to complete my goal!

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Graduate School Part 1: It’s Never Too Early!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love planning for the future: planning for the weekend, planning for classes I will take in the future, planning for projects I want to complete, and especially for my future after I receive my bachelor’s degree from LMU. It has been a little unsettling before just recently since I was never quite sure exactly what I wanted to do. I decided long ago that I plan on always being a student in some way, so pursuing my education has been in my plans in one way or another. The rest, however, was a mystery: Should I get a job while completing a master’s degree? What would I study? Where would I study? What would I do after that?


While I cannot lie and say I have the answers to all of the questions I have right now, I do feel like I have recently found a direction in which I would like to go. In a previous post, I talked about my unexpected passion for psychology and how I knew I wanted to do something with it, but was not quite sure what. Now I can confidently say that I have discovered that not only do I want to pursue psychology in some way after graduation, but I cannot imagine myself studying anything else. The vast amount of subjects I could study in graduate school made my future look hazy, but the thought of spending the rest of my academic life learning about anything I could about psychology made my future suddenly look less daunting.

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